OFRF’s Organic Research Survey and California Focus Groups

If you haven’t had the opportunity to weigh in on Organic Research Priorities using the Organic Farming Research Foundation's (OFRF) national survey, we highly recommend doing so. The confidential survey asks for data on farm size, production, and location; detailed information about organic farming challenges; and farmers’ most pressing information needs on topics such as pest control, soil health, water conservation strategies, pesticide drift, and GMO contamination of organic crops.

In addition to the OFRF national survey, CCOF is conducting in-person focus groups with CCOF chapters across California to lend a more detailed analysis to OFRF’s California subsection. One such focus group took place at the recent North Coast Chapter meeting in Novato. CCOF members held an in-depth conversation about what research would be most important to organic producers in California.

If you’re interested in having your chapter host a focus group on organic research priorities for your area, please contact CCOF Senior Outreach & Policy Specialist Jane Sooby at jsooby@ccof.org.