Organic Leaders Sought for State Organic Advisory Group

Since passage of the California Organic Food and Farming Act in 2016, the California Organic Products Advisory Committee (COPAC) has new responsibilities to support organic agriculture through education and outreach. COPAC’s traditional role, to oversee the State Organic Program and advise the Secretary of Food and Agriculture on organic issues, continues.
The CCOF Policy Team is working to fully seat COPAC and encourages you to consider applying. COPAC has 15 primary members plus an alternate for each seat. Currently, there are one primary and eight alternate seats open on COPAC.
Being a COPAC member is a great way to serve the organic community and keep up to date on organic issues in the state. Serving on COPAC also provides individuals with valuable leadership experience. 
The open seats are:
1 technical—to be filled by someone with scientific credentials related to agricultural chemicals, toxicology, or food science
3 producers
1 processor 
1 environmental—for members or employees of a nonprofit whose principal purpose is the protection of the environment
2 technical
1 consumer-- for members or employees of a nonprofit whose principal purpose is the protection of consumer health 
Producer, processor, and wholesaler members must have derived a substantial portion of their income from organic business activities for at least 3 years prior to appointment. 
Other things to know:
  • Members should plan to attend each of the three COPAC meetings held annually. Meeting dates are generally each January, May, and September. 
  • Appointments are for three years from the date of appointment. A member may serve for two consecutive terms. 
  • COPAC members are reimbursed for expenses related to their participation (such as travel to and from meetings).
To apply, request an application form from Laurel Rudolph, COPAC staff, via email at or phone at 916-900-5322. A letter of recommendation is required as well as a completed application. Contact the CCOF policy team for support with your application.