Organic Trade Association CEO Talks Organic Integrity on Dr. Oz

Television celebrity Dr. Oz hosted “the biggest names in the organic food industry” on a recent episode of his show that addressed consumer concerns about organic integrity.
Executive Director and CEO of the Organic Trade Association Laura Batcha was joined by Jill McIntosh of Kroger and Regina Beidler, an organic dairy farmer with the Organic Valley cooperative, to explain the rigor of organic standards and enforcement.
Batcha emphasized that “fraud is very rare in organic” and explained that the organic industry has actually gone to Congress to request additional regulation by USDA. 
“There’s not a food label out there with more scrutiny than the organic label has,” said Batcha.
Audience members asked the panel about the difference between organic and conventional milk, why organic foods can cost more than conventional, and what it takes to transition a farm to organic. 
Batcha also contributed an entry to The Oz Blog, How to Buy Organic Groceries Without Exceeding Your Budget.