OTA Releases Full Page Ad in Response to False Claims About Organic

Ask Me About What's Not in Organic
The Organic Trade Association (OTA) placed a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal last week that lists hundreds of chemicals and processes used in conventional food production that are prohibited in organic. The list includes the use of GMOs, glyphosate, sewage sludge, artificial preservatives, irradiation, and more. 
The ad is in response to the Wall Street Journal running an opinion editorial making false claims about organic. CCOF board member and certified organic farmer Vernon Peterson of Abundant Harvest Organics submitted a letter to the editor responding to the claims made in the editorial. Other organic organizations and farmers issued responses, including OTA and the Organic Center, also submitted responses. 
CCOF applauds OTA on their ad and for working hard to push back against misleading and false claims about organic. For more information on the ad, contact OTA’s Maggie McNeil