Pacific Southwest April Chapter Meeting Highlights

On April 10, 33 members of the CCOF Pacific Southwest Chapter met at the Fallbrook Public Library. 
The CCOF chapters’ primary purpose is to ensure that CCOF members are represented at the governance level of the organization. The 14 current chapters form a representative democracy that elects the CCOF, Inc. Board of Directors that governs CCOF. CCOF chapters also offer unique opportunities to network and strengthen organic businesses with educational programming and advocacy efforts for the organic sector.
The CCOF Pacific Southwest Chapter’s current leadership is Karen Archipley, president and board representative; Helene Beck, vice president; Jessica Black, secretary; and Linda Antonioli, treasurer. The chapter encompasses Desert Valley, Imperial, South Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties.   
The chapter’s April meeting was a workshop-style presentation and discussion on distribution led by David Weinstein, director of sales at Heath & Lejeune and Christian Sutton, an independent distributor for small-scale growers. The conversation focused on the challenges and opportunities in finding distribution solutions for small-scale organic growers. Emphasis was placed on the strength of cooperation between the present group of CCOF growers and the businesses they work with, including retailers, wholesalers, and packers. The chapter also discussed a possible marketing alliance between local North San Diego County organic CCOF growers. 
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