Protect the Animal Welfare Rule! Comment Now!

A few days short of its already delayed implementation date, USDA pushed the implementation date of the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices rule (OLPP) to November 14, 2017 and reopened the rule for public comment.
USDA is accepting public comment on the rule until June 9, 2017. Comments can be submitted via using docket number AMS-NOP-17-0031; NOP-15-06A.
CCOF urges all members of the organic community to submit comments encouraging USDA to fully implement the rule.
In your own words, tell USDA why you support option 1: Let the rule become effective. This means that the rule would become effective on November 14, 2017. Make sure to cite the docket number as well.
The OLPP is the result of over 14 years of organic community discussion, review, and analysis, but the rule has been marred with delays. Rule opponents lobbied Congress to withhold implementation funds from USDA, and USDA has already delayed the rule twice, as well. 
The rule would level the playing field between certified organic livestock producers. Read more information about the OLPP.
USDA’s delay sets a dangerous precedent in which future organic rules might be met with administrative delays and never be implemented despite clear stakeholder support. Comment today—your participation is critical!
For additional information, contact the CCOF policy team.