Sacramento Bee Publishes Article Supporting the California Organic Food and Farming Act

CCOF Board of Directors member and organic farmer Thaddeus Barsotti wrote an opinion piece supporting the California Organic Food and Farming Act (AB 1826) that was published in the Sacramento Bee on March 8, 2016.

Writing, “There is no group of people who wish to maintain the integrity of the certified organic label more than farmers,” Barsotti presented the reasons he supports CCOF’s effort to reform California’s State Organic Program through legislation.

He traces the history of the program back to the era before the federal government began to regulate organic with a set of consistent, national production standards. Though the federal organic program has been in place for 15 years, the state program continues to collect fees and information from all certified organic businesses in California annually.

Barsotti documents that he is required to report the same information about his farm to three separate state agencies as well as to his organic certifier in order to sell organic product in California. He and all other organic producers in the state are also required to pay additional fees for a program that, in Barsotti’s view, doesn’t provide additional assurance to consumers about how the food was grown.

CCOF encourages its members and others to voice their support for the California Organic Food and Farming Act by sending a letter to their state legislators and joining the growing list of supporting individuals, businesses, and organizations. Click here to send a letter and voice your support.