Serve on the Certified Farmers’ Market Advisory Committee

Three producer and six producer alternate positions are currently open on the California Certified Farmers’ Market Advisory Committee. The Certified Farmers’ Market Advisory Committee advises the California Secretary of Agriculture and the CDFA Certified Farmers’ Market Program. The committee is comprised of 6 producers, 6 certified farmers’ market operators, 1 consumer, and 1 county agricultural commissioner with an alternate for each position. Each member serves a 2-year term.
The focus of the committee is on:
  1. Promoting the demand and consumption of agricultural products purchases directly from producers at certified farmers’ markets;
  2. Ensuring that existing and future certified farmers’ markets are primarily maintained for the benefit of the producers selling their products within those markets;
  3. Ensuring that honest and fair marketing of products occurs within certified farmers’ markets.
Thomas Osborn
CDFA Inspection and Compliance Branch
1220 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 
CCOF can provide letters of support to members interested in applying for the committee. Please contact for more questions. 
For questions regarding the Certified Farmers’ Market Program, please contact Maria Tenorio, Program Supervisor of the Certified Farmers’ Market Program at or 916-900-5030.