Serve the Organic Community on the California Organic Products Advisory Committee

The California Organic Products Advisory Committee (COPAC) is a 15-member committee that advises the California Secretary of Agriculture on California’s State Organic Program’s enforcement activities. The members are made up of six producers (at least one producer of meat, fowl, fish, dairy products, or eggs); two processors; one wholesale distributor; two consumer representatives; one environmental representative; two technical representatives with scientific credentials related to agricultural chemicals, toxicology, or food science; and one retail representative. Each member on the committee also has an alternate that fits the same criteria, so there are a total of 30 member seats.

COPAC has several vacancies that need to be filled:

  • 3 producers
  • 1 environmental representative
  • 1 technical representative

There are also 13 vacancies for alternate members:

  • 6 producer alternates
  • 1 environmental representative alternate
  • 2 technical representative alternates
  • 2 consumer representative alternates
  • 2 processor alternates

Appointments for advisory committee positions will normally be for three years from the date of appointment. A member may serve for two consecutive terms.* After one year of absence from the committee a former member may reapply for other vacant seats and may be appointed. Some appointments may be made for 2 years to allow staggering of terms as needed.

All applicants must fulfill the position requirements explained in the California Organic Products Act of 2003 code, section 46003.

Interested in serving on COPAC? Review the requirements and complete the prospective member appointment questionnaire. Return the questionnaire to Laurel Rudolph at or by mail to 1220 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.

*Commencing with the January, 2009 appointments. Term limits do not apply to alternate position. See August 18, 2009 COPAC minutes.