Serve the Organic Community on CCOF’s Certification Management Committee

Are you a member of the organic food industry, but not certified by CCOF? Do you want to get involved with CCOF at the governance level? Are you a CCOF member who knows someone who may fit these criteria?
The CCOF, Inc. Board of Directors is seeking applications from individuals for appointment to the CCOF Certification Services, LLC Management Committee, which they will review at their November meeting. The LLC Management Committee is appointed by the board and has the responsibility to control and manage the business and affairs of CCOF Certification Services, LLC.
The board looks for applicants who have a background in the organic industry (preferably with an understanding of organic certification) and who have experience in business management, including human resources, financials, and program management. It is important to note that CCOF-certified members are not eligible for appointment to the LLC Management Committee.
Committee members are appointed for three-year terms. LLC Management Committee members receive no salary for their committee services, but are reimbursed for expenses to attend meetings and receive a stipend for attendance of LLC Management Committee meetings. The LLC Management Committee meets once quarterly throughout the year, with other meetings and events occasionally scheduled as needed. 
Download an application to serve on the LLC Management Committee. Once completed, applications can be emailed to Read more about CCOF’s structure. Applications are due October 11, and interviews will be conducted on November 15.
CCOF members–this is an opportunity to recruit someone you trust to oversee your certification business! Help us spread the word!