Soil Health and Organic Farming Webinar Series Begins May 9

The Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) is partnering with eOrganic to present a series of nine webinars based on OFRF’s soil health and organic farming educational guides. The first webinar will be May 9, 2018. The series will run through May 2019.
Presented by the guides’ authors Mark Schonbeck and Diana Jerkins, the webinars will cover 
  • Building organic matter for healthy soils
  • Ecological weed management
  • Practical conservation tillage
  • Selecting and managing cover crops
  • Plant genetics
  • Water management and quality
  • Crop nutrient management
  • Organic practices for climate mitigation, adaptation, and carbon sequestration
  • Understanding and managing soil biology for soil health and crop production
Schonbeck is a long-time sustainable and organic agriculture researcher, consultant, and educator in Virginia. Jerkins is the research program director of OFRF.
All webinars are free and will begin at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Register online at the eOrganic website.