Thank You for Enriching the Organic Lifecycle in 2016

Dear CCOF Members and Supporters,
It seems we say this every year, but it’s not a bad refrain to repeat: You enacted real change to better the organic community in 2016.
There’s no other organization in the nation like CCOF. The strength of CCOF’s 100 percent organic focus is outshined only by the powerful vision for organic of those who govern our organization: certified organic farmers, ranchers, processors, and handlers. These individuals move the needle on growing organic every day by running successful organic businesses, but their involvement with CCOF takes that dedication even further to benefit our entire organic family.
At CCOF, our goal is to provide a foundation of support to all people in different stages of the organic life cycle, from children just learning about what organic means, to new organic farmers starting their careers, to seasoned organic professionals who want to hone their skills, to retiring farmers who want their organic land to continue providing for the next generations. Our unique structure allows us to diversify the ways we can contribute to our mission of advancing organic for a healthy world.
One of our biggest member-driven wins of 2016 was the passing of the California Organic Food and Farming Act. Our policy and advocacy team heard directly from CCOF members about the day-to-day business challenges brought on by the requirements of California’s State Organic Program, and used that feedback to influence the regulations at the highest level. Hundreds of CCOF members and supporters got involved to advance more sensible requirements for California’s organic producers.
The continued growth of the CCOF Foundation is another source of enormous pride for us and for our members. This year, we reached more future and current organic professionals than ever before, providing funds and resources to help keep the future of organic bright. You can read our 2016 Annual Report for all the specifics.
All of these accomplishments helped set the stage for a 2017 that will take CCOF even further. We’re investing in technology that will continue streamlining organic certification management through MyCCOF eOSP, an online Organic System Plan that can be managed anytime, anywhere. You’ll also hear soon about our Organic Leadership Academy, which will start training individuals in the organic community to become influential leaders at the local, state, and national levels.
Our membership is where all this starts, and where it gathers momentum. Become a change maker today—join your local CCOF chapter, get certified by CCOF, or send us a donation. We can’t wait to work with you to keep growing organic.
Many thanks,
Cathy Calfo
Executive Director/CEO