USDA NRCS Releases "Growing Organic" Booklet & Updated Resources

USDA’s Natural Resources Conversation Service (NRCS) updated their resources for organic farmers and farmers interested in transitioning to organic. Their organic resources have various resources such as guides, videos, fact sheets, webinars, booklets, and more. 
NRCS’s newest booklet, Growing Organic: NRCS Assistance for Organic Farmers, provides a wealth of information for farmers who are interested in implementing practices that support soil health, weed management, habitat and biodiversity, irrigation and water management, pasture management, and high tunnels.
An updated guide for using RUSEL2, the Revised University Soil Loss Equation tool, was recently added to their resources as well. 
NRCS will continue to roll out additional resources throughout the year. Please contact Ben Bowell, organic and training resource; Lindsay Haines, national organic and pest management specialist; or Donna Hopwood, EQIP organic program specialist with any questions.