Value of California Organic Processed Products Reaches $11.65 Billion

The latest report from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) on organic processed products shows that gross sales were $11.65 billion in 2017. This represents 17 percent growth from 2016, when organic processed product sales were $9.94 billion.
CDPH is responsible for the State Organic Program’s oversight of organic processed foods production. CDPH is required under state law to issue an annual report to the California Organic Products Advisory Committee that includes the total number of organic registrants, the total number and quantity of each type of product sold as organic, annual organic gross sales, the names of all registrants, and the number of registrants in 13 categories of gross sales.
Titled the Organic Processed Product Registration Program Report, this annual report is a useful resource for organic processors, advocates, and others interested in the vibrant organic sector.
Together with the $2.9 billion value of organic farm commodity production, gross value of California’s organic products is now $14.55 billion annually.
Visit the CDPH Organic Food Processors page for more information on CDPH regulation of organic processed products.