Vote for CCOF for the New Leaf Envirotoken Boards


Each year CCOF competes for a spot on the New Leaf Community Markets Envirotokens boards, and we need your vote! Every time a customer brings their own reusable bag at New Leaf store locations, they are awarded a 10¢ token to donate to a local nonprofit. To qualify for the boards, these nonprofits are required to maintain a goal of helping the environment and conserve resources. CCOF proudly adheres to this requirement.


We are honored to have been included on these boards for many years and we need your help to remain a recipient of these donations. Envirotoken donations support CCOF’s education and outreach activities. These funds have a significant impact on our organization, and assist in educating organic producers, future farmers, and consumers on organic production and environmental benefits.

Please take a moment to vote for CCOF today.