When it Comes to Promoting Your CCOF Certification… Think About the Outside of the Box

As an organic grower, you have worked hard to achieve your organic certification. Don’t you think you should take every opportunity to let your community and customers know that you are CCOF certified? Here are a few easy steps to take to promote your certified status:

  1. If you sell through farmers’ markets, remember to display the “CCOF Certified Organic” signage that is made available to you by CCOF.
  2. Download the “Non-GMO & More” seal from the CCOF web site and use it in any setting that is already approved for the CCOF seal.
  3. Promote “Certified Organic” on all of your labels, cartons, clamshells, and boxes… following USDA guidelines, of course.

Expanding on point #3, if you are a small grower, it can take a bit of an investment to design and print custom boxes that promote your brand and organic certification. However, Sambrailo Packaging has recently introduced a solution specifically for CCOF-certified growers. In partnership with CCOF, Sambrailo now offers a stock print row crop box that clearly states “Certified Organic Fruits and Vegetables” on the sides in an effort to help small organic farmers promote certified organic products right from their fields, throughout the supply chain, and directly to their customers at farmers’ markets and other venues where the outside of the packed boxes are visible.

This first “Certified Organic” stock print box that is available for CCOF-certified growers is approximately 23 x 15 x 12 inches and fits a 5-down pallet configuration. The box can be used to pack romaine, green or red leaf lettuce, butter lettuce, kale, chard, carrots, or beets, and it has up to a 35-pound weight capacity. The flat boxes are available for drop shipment by the pallet or for pick-up in smaller quantities direct from Sambrailo’s main warehouse location at 800 Walker Street in Watsonville. Other sizes are in production because the concept has been very well received by CCOF-certified growers already.

To order the “Certified Organic” boxes, contact Jennifer Evans directly at j.evans@sambrailo.com to get a PDF file of the box art. CCOF growers should follow the same art approval process that they would normally follow with CCOF by submitting the box art with their label art to CCOF. Once the label with the art is approved by CCOF, orders can be processed by Sambrailo Packaging.


This article was submitted by Jennifer Evans.

Sambrailo Packaging’s Marketing Manager Jennifer Evans came up with the idea for the “Certified Organic” boxes while attending CCOF’s San Francisco Wholesale Market Tour. She noticed a lack of distinction on many of the boxes that had organic produce packed inside of them. “Just like at retail, I felt that it was important for growers to promote organic at all levels throughout the supply chain,” stated Evans. “If our efforts help small organic growers promote certified organic produce and grow their businesses because of it, then there is a huge benefit to everyone in the organic growing community.”