CCOF Fee Changes

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Date Published: 
November 5, 2018

Annual Certification Fees 

To meet service needs and keep up with rising costs, we are making minor adjustments to the annual certification fees. Annual certification fees are increasing approximately 2 percent in each fee category, effective November 1, 2018 for new operations, and January 1, 2019 for existing clients. A full fee schedule can be found in the CCOF Certification Services Program Manual, on the back of annual invoices, and online at You can expect small increases each year to keep up with the cost of doing business. These increases are intended to be modest, but also support the staffing necessary to meet service expectations and organizational goals. 

Rush Review Request Fees

Effective November 1, 2018 Rush Review Request fees for faster review of Organic System Plan (OSP) updates are increasing. The fee for a two-day Rush Review will be $375, and the fee for a five-day Rush Review will be $175. These increases ensure that CCOF can continue to provide excellent service for those who need a quick turnaround.

Fees for Adding Products Clarified

Effective November 1, 2018, fees for adding products have been clarified in the CCOF Certification Services Program Manual. CCOF charges a one-time $75 administrative fee for each new product or service you add to your OSP. Each individual product formula and brand is considered one product. Label or formula changes for existing products are reviewed for no additional fee. 
CCOF may charge a reduced rate of $75 for up to three single ingredient products with the same brand or three brands for the same single ingredient product. Fee reduction is at the sole discretion of CCOF and only applies to products received simultaneously. For addition of more than 50 new products at one time, CCOF may charge fees per the “Reproduction and Information Rates” section of the CCOF Certification Services Program Manual. Private Label Name and Seal Use fees also apply to products produced for Private Label Owners who are not certified by CCOF Certification Services. This fee clarification reflects the necessary staffing that these additions require, and will ensure CCOF is able to meet the service expectations for clients and their private label owners/marketers.