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CCOF has an active membership and we want to hear from you.

Our management staff is available to speak with clients and members regarding organic standards, CCOF service, and policy and program suggestions. Management staff contact information is provided below.


Kelly Damewood
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Damewood has spent over a decade working towards a single goal: helping organic farmers thrive. After her own experience running a small farm, Damewood went to law school determined to help farmers who farm in a better way. In her previous role as CCOF’s policy director, Damewood spearheaded key initiatives such as passage of state legislation to improve an outdated regulatory program for organic farmers and creating a groundbreaking project to drive organic production and consumption in California. Damewood holds a Juris Doctor degree from Vermont Law School and a Master of Laws degree in agricultural and food law from the University of Arkansas School of Law.


Armand "Pete" Petri
Chief Operations Officer

Armand "Pete" Petri is a lifelong learner of businesses and how they operate, with experience in multiple industries, including health, financial, and publishing, and degrees in Accounting and Mathematics. Being an advocate for healthy diet and food distribution, working for CCOF as chief operating officer has proven to not only fulfill a passion, but be a mutually beneficial, natural fit.

Petri also enjoys the great outdoors, and especially the Sierra Nevada mountains, where heaven is experienced as a week with a friend, a backpack, and a camera.


April Crittenden
Chief Certification Officer
CCOF Certification Services, LLC


As the chief certification officer at CCOF, April Crittenden has a wealth of knowledge about the National Organic Program and environmental stewardship in farming systems. CCOF is a nonprofit organization based in Santa Cruz, California that advances organic agriculture for a healthy world by advocating on behalf of its members for organic policies, supporting the growth of organic through education and grants, and providing organic certification that is personal and accessible.

Crittenden began her career with CCOF over 10 years ago. In various roles over the years, Crittenden gained an understanding of the organic regulations for growers, handlers, and livestock producers; helped implement improved client communication systems; and oversaw complaints, investigations, and CCOF’s pesticide residue and GMO sampling programs. In 2016, Crittenden worked with SC Labs to develop and implement the Envirocann Certification Program, which offers certification services to cannabis producers.

Crittenden graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with Bachelor of Arts degrees in environmental studies and anthropology. She also holds a variety of certificates from the National Organic Program, the Accredited Certifiers Association, and the International Organic Inspectors Association.

Beckett Parr

Jessy Beckett Parr
Foundation Director
CCOF Foundation
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Jessy Beckett Parr is the director of the CCOF Foundation. In this capacity she oversees the education and grant making programs of the CCOF Foundation.

Prior to joining CCOF in 2013, Parr spent five years traveling the world producing the award-winning documentary film Symphony of the Soil. She holds a Master of Science degree in community development from the University of California, Davis College of Agriculture; a certificate in ecological horticulture from the University of California, Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems; and a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and environmental studies from Sarah Lawrence College.

Outside of the office, she enjoys sharing time and food with her husband and daughter and foraging on their peri-urban homestead.

Biergiel ColcloughJody Biergiel Colclough 
Director of Certification Operations
CCOF Certification Services, LLC

Jody Biergiel Colclough is intrigued by food as a practical way to address many problems, from humus health to human health. She explored this interest at Tufts University where she earned a Master of Science degree in food policy.

Colclough joined CCOF in 2006, bringing her eye for detail and a practical approach to certification processes to the CCOF leadership team as she rose through its ranks. Colclough started as a handler/processor inspection report reviewer, and was most recently certification operations director. She has helped design and implement improvements that supported the growth of CCOF, including Organic System Plan forms, management of CCOF’s internal database eCert, updates to online member certification management tool MyCCOF, and materials lists.

After a workday full of databases and compliance processes, she gets into the great outdoors in Northern California. She is a proud parent and published author.


Naomi Brauner
Development Director
CCOF Foundation

Naomi Brauner is development director for the CCOF Foundation. She guides the fundraising activities of the Foundation, including the sponsorship program and grant proposals.

She holds a Master of Public Administration degree and has worked in fundraising, grants, and public relations for the past 25 years, including with the Homeless Garden Project, Community Bridges, First 5 Santa Cruz County, and Congressman Sam Farr.

Jesse Cowan 

Finance Director
CCOF, Inc.

Jesse Cowan is a passionate proponent of organic agriculture. Before her career in finance, she worked on an organic vegetable farm in Pennsylvania, doing everything from harvesting and marketing to tractor work and chicken care. This experience instilled in her a passion for organic food and an appreciation for the hard work and expertise required to succeed as an organic farmer. After years with a local accounting firm helping small business owners with their finances and taxes, Cowan was thrilled to join the CCOF team where she could employ her professional skills to help further the organic movement. Cowan holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Brown University, a master’s degree in accounting from San Jose State University, and is a Certified Public Accountant.


Sean Feder
Director of Inspection Operations
CCOF Certification Services, LLC

Sean Feder grew up near San Francisco, and his family always had plenty to eat. He began to wonder: Where does all this food come from?

After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems Farm and Garden apprenticeship, Feder completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from UCSC, with an emphasis on botany and agroecology. He worked on a CCOF-certified organic farm, then enrolled at the University of California, Davis (UCD) for an Master of Science degree in plant protection and pest management.

In 1991, Feder started doing organic inspections for CCOF and served for two years on the CCOF Board of Directors. He was later hired as the first director of inspection operations. He is glad to have work that contributes in a small way to the vision of a world where food will be widely available for a long time.


Jacob Guth
Director of Food Safety
CCOF Certification Services, LLC

Jacob Guth has been working at the intersection of organic and food safety compliance for over 12 years with CCOF. As a reviewer, inspector, GFSI auditor, GLOBALG.A.P. scheme manager, and now director of food safety at CCOF, Guth’s passion is helping organic producers comply with food safety requirements.


Chris Head
Director of Information Technology

Chris Head has always been fascinated by engineering and electronics, tinkering with hobbyist kits and participating in electronic enthusiast groups until personal computers became available and changed his world. From that point, he was hooked, staying late after school to program the sole computer they owned, then, over time, moving from systems programming to SQL database work, then to networking, support services, systems administration, and management.

Although his background is strongly technological, Head believes firmly in a well-rounded education and widely varied interests:  he has multiple tech certifications and a wealth of experience but holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in English Literature. He’s performed Shakespeare, he loves roller coasters, and he enjoys wine and cooking. Most of all, he cherishes his long weekend walks with his dog, Winston.


Laura Mathias
Director of Marketing and Sales
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Laura Mathias is the marketing director for CCOF. As marketing director, she directs the marketing of CCOF's programs and services to the organic and agricultural community and consumers at large.

Mathias has spent her marketing career in various fields, including education, events, and business-to-business. She has managed numerous websites and has a keen understanding of how digital marketing enhances a brand. Additionally, she enjoys bringing together event promotion, sales analysis, and process-driven systems to maximize the impact of an organization.

Mathias has a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing from Valdosta State University and is a long-term transplant to the California's Central Coast. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, cooking, and traveling with her family.


Sarah Reed
Handler Certification Director
CCOF Certification Services, LLC

Sarah Reed has always loved the natural world and followed this passion to study ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. After graduating, she worked in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries for several years before moving to CCOF as a handler certification specialist in 2008. The position played to Reed's strengths in organization, process development, and critical thinking.

Reed's enthusiasm for organic food and her hard science background has continued to serve her well in her current role as handler certification director. She is an expert in organic processing materials and standards, especially winemaking and the growing area of retail and restaurant certification.

Reed is a lifelong environmentalist who bikes to work, always carries a reusable water bottle and to-go container, and strives to create zero waste. Reed has been a vegetarian since the age of 11 and enjoys hosting and attending dinner parties, kickboxing, local wine and beer tasting, walking everywhere, and playing with her cat.


Rebekah Weber
Policy Director

Rebekah Weber has worked on the intersection of environmental and agricultural policy for nearly a decade. As the policy director at CCOF, she advocates for organic agriculture as part of the solution to protecting public health, restoring the environment, and growing the economy. Prior to joining CCOF, Weber served as an environmental advocate focused on cleaning up Lake Champlain, engaged in farmer outreach as a Fulbright Fellow in Nepal, and worked on agricultural policy for United States Senator Patrick Leahy. She holds a master’s degree in environmental law and policy from Vermont Law School.