Our Structure

CCOF’s (California Certified Organic Farmers) mission to certify, educate, advocate, and promote organic is carried out by three different branches of the organization: the politically active trade association, CCOF, Inc.; the certification body, CCOF Certification Services, LLC; and the nonprofit, CCOF Foundation.

Trade Association 

CCOF, Inc. is a full-service trade association governed by the CCOF, Inc. Board of Directors that actively works to expand the organic marketplace you depend on. We build demand and public support for organic by educating consumers about the benefits of organic food systems. We also help producers expand their organic knowledge by offering several training programs, including a variety of marketing-based webinars and field days. As a leader in the organic movement, CCOF actively engages in political advocacy to protect and encourage organic food and agriculture. We work to promote our trade association members, which include all certified clients and CCOF Supporting Members, at a variety of consumer and industry events, and in our publications. Trade association membership is organized by the CCOF Chapter System: 13 regional chapters (12 in California and one in Mexico) and the Processor/Handler Chapter. 

Certification Services

CCOF Certification Services, LLC, governed by the LLC Management Committee, provides a variety of cost-effective organic certification programs. We certify farms, livestock operations, processors, retailers, private labelers, and restaurants, ensuring organic integrity from farm to fork. CCOF Certification Services is accredited by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). To provide international trade access for our clients, we also maintain ISO Guide 17065 accreditation with CAEQ. This accreditation allows CCOF to offer certification to the Mexican Organic Standards and the Canadian Organic Regime, as well as provide compliance verification to the EU and Swiss standards. Join the movement and apply for organic certification today.


Between 2005 and 2009, the CCOF Foundation led the Going Organic project to provide information about organic certification and production to hundreds of agricultural professionals, and helped 40 farmers to convert more than 4,000 acres to organic production. Going Organic also supported the introduction of the USDA organic seal by promoting its acceptance.

Organic food is now more widely accepted by the public and agricultural community. A greater challenge to the organic movement has become producers’ access to key resources that support their economic success and viability. As a result, the CCOF Foundation has new priorities to help provide key resources that support economic success and viability for organic producers. Learn more about the CCOF Foundation and how you can support our goals.