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Future Organic Farmer Grant FundThe United States is facing an epidemic shortage of farmers. Among the challenges to meet the rising demand for organic products that are healthy for both people and the planet is the need for new organic farmers and entrepreneurs. The CCOF Foundation's Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund is changing the world!

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Organic Training InstituteThe CCOF Foundation is ensuring the advancement of organicThrough hands-on trainings, workshops, and seminars, the Foundation's Organic Training Institute provides resources to organic professionals that cover the latest organic research and best production practices.

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Hardship AssistanceThe CCOF Foundation offers direct financial assistance to organic operations that suffer losses due to extreme hardship. These hardships can include natural disasters such as flood, freeze, fire, drought, invasive pests, and personal emergencies.

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The CCOF Foundation is changing the way the world eats.

Organic food is more widely accepted by the public and agricultural community than ever before. More than 80 percent of U.S. households report purchasing organic products, but demand continues to outpace the supply. 

The CCOF Foundation is investing in new organic farmers and businesses and building consumer demand for organic by:

  • Improving pathways to success for aspiring organic farmers through educational grants and training programs
  • Providing organic farmers and processors with the latest in organic production methods
  • Educating families on the benefits of choosing food with the organic seal
  • Providing direct financial assistance to organic operations that suffer losses due to extreme hardship

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Foundation Board of Trustees

Allen Harthorn, Chairman, Harpos Organics Lee Altier, Ph.D., Trustee, California State University, Chico Karen Archipley, Trustee, Archi’s Acres Phil LaRocca, Trustee, LaRocca Vineyards Malcolm Ricci, Trustee, Bolthouse Farms

Foundation Annual Report

In 2015, we reached more than 135,000 organic farmers, teachers, students, and consumers.

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