CCOF Foundation History

The Roots of the CCOF Foundation

Between 2005 and 2009, the CCOF Foundation led the Going Organic project to provide information about organic certification and production to hundreds of agricultural professionals, and helped 40 farmers to convert more than 4,000 acres to organic production. Going Organic also supported the introduction of the USDA organic seal by promoting its acceptance. CCOF’s membership of certified organic producers, processors, and retailers has reached over 2,700, and today we certify more than 2,000,000 acres of organic land.

Organic seems to be everywhere from the local farmers' market and farm stand to the produce sections and shelves of major retailers. 82 percent of Americans report that they purchase organic products. But even so, organic remains less than 5 percent of all agricultural sales. Organic food is more widely accepted by the public and agricultural community than it was in 2002, so the barriers to Going Organic have changed. A greater challenge to the organic movement has become producers’ access to key resources that support their economic success and viability.