CCOF Foundation Programs

Foundation Programs

CCOF Foundation Programs - Meeting the Challenge

The CCOF Foundation is addressing the challenges facing the organic community through a variety of programs. It is through programs like these that we are going to change the way the world eats – one farmer and one consumer at a time. Every dollar contributed to the CCOF Foundation goes directly to supporting future organic farmers, hardship assistance, technical training, and consumer education, since CCOF, Inc. has provided seed funding for Foundation staff and overhead. 

The Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Through this fund, the CCOF Foundation, in collaboration with organic businesses and community leaders, funds grants in three educational categories: kindergarten through eighth grade, high school, and vocational and higher education. Learn more ››

The Organic Training Institute

The CCOF Foundation supports current and prospective certified organic producers, processors, and handlers by providing a series of free or low-cost field days, workshops, and webinars to help improve and grow their operations. Learn more ››

Organic Hardship Assistance - The Bricmont Fund

The Bricmont Fund is the only fund that provides direct financial assistance exclusively to organic producers, processors, and handlers who suffer losses due to extreme hardship. Learn more ››

Consumer Education

The CCOF Foundation’s consumer education program informs consumers about the meaning of different food labels and seals through its Buy Certified Organic campaign. Learn more ››