Consumer Education

Buy Certified Organic

Making Educated Food Choices

Consumers are more food-conscious than ever before and want to make smart choices by buying healthy food for their families. However, food labels and seals can be confusing, misleading, and sometimes even false. As competing eco-labels continue to saturate the marketplace – from “Non-GMO” to “All Natural” – shoppers are becoming more confused about what is the best choice. Learn about why organic is non-GMO and more.

To tackle one area of consumer confusion that directly impacts certified organic growers’ sales, CCOF launched the Buy Certified Organic campaign in 2011. This campaign prints annually and distributes tens of thousands of “Buy Certified Organic” postcards at farmers’ markets and supermarkets. Each postcard includes a “Buy Certified Organic” magnet, and an abbreviated version of the above explanation about the meaning of “certified organic”.

Each spring, CCOF invites certified organic producers to order packets of 100 of these cards (free of cost) to distribute to their customers. Supplies are limited. Make sure you receive our newsletter so you don't miss the sign-up announcement!

For more information please contact the CCOF Foundation at (831) 423-2263 or at