Container/Hydroponic Production

To better prepare for organic certification of your container/hydroponic/aquaponics production, we recommend you assess your ability to comply with the criteria* below:

  • Biological activity within the growing media/substrate.
  • Organic matter present in the growing media/substrate sufficient to support biological activity.
  • Nutrition available within the growing media/substrate on an ongoing basis.

*CCOF developed these criteria based on our assessment of core requirements from 2010 National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) Recommendation on Terrestrial Plants in Containers and Enclosures. The National Organic Program will be considering future changes to the requirements for terrestrial plants in containers (i.e. hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics, and container crops produced in substrate/media of any kind). We will continue to certify these types of systems until/unless rule changes require us not to.

CCOF is proud to represent our members on national organic matters and we want you to be aware of the current landscape as you consider organic certification. While we are not able to predict or guarantee any regulatory changes, our service to our membership is to inform potentially affected operations of the changes. Make sure you stay informed!

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