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Response times may be slow due to the wildfires affecting Santa Cruz County and Covid-19. Organic compliance deadlines and inspections will be delayed for businesses affected by these crises. Read the latest updates on the Northern California wildfires, and visit our Covid-19 webpage to find pandemic-specific information »

Los tiempos de respuesta serán lentos debido a los incendios forestales afectando al condado de Santa Cruz y COVID-19. Los plazos de cumplimiento orgánico y las inspecciones se retrasarán para los negocios afectados por estas crisis.  Lea las últimas actualizaciones sobre los incendios forestales del norte de California y visite nuestra página web de Covid-19 para encontrar información específica a la pandemia »

Annual Renewal Contract

To remain in the CCOF CS (CCOF) organic certification program, complete and submit this contract AND pay your invoice by January 1.

Please do not wait to submit changes to your OSP at the inspection. Blank copies of all OSP sections are available at, or by contacting CCOF at (831) 423-2263. If you have an outstanding noncompliance, your renewal cannot be completed until you respond to the noncompliance.

By checking the box below, you are stating that:

(1) You have read the above information and attest that it is true to the best of your knowledge.
(2) You affirm that you have read, fully understand and agree to be bound by the standards, procedures, fees, policies, assessments, obligations, and requirements as presented in the current CCOF Manuals and by the terms of the paragraphs entitled “Consent to Electronic Transmission”, “Governing Law”, “Consent to Jurisdiction”, “Indemnification” and “Limit of Liability” as described in the CCOF Certification Services Program Manual available at
(3) You will continue to operate in accordance with applicable standards and CCOF policies.
(4) You agree to CCOF's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The National Organic Program (NOP) section 205.406(a) requires that a certified operation must pay certification fees annually, submit any changes, amendments, additions or deletions as applicable to the Organic System Plan, and submit an update on the correction of minor non-compliances. Your OSP must be updated to reflect any additions or deletions to your organic production practices for the coming year. If this contract is submitted and no updates are indicated CCOF will assume that no changes have occurred to your production practices and your OSP remains accurate.
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