Export Certificates

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Exporting Your Organic Product

1. Product Review:

Organic products must comply with, or be equivalent to the standards of a foreign market to be sold as organic in that market. CCOF provides verification to these requirements through our Global Market Access (GMA), International Standard and Mexico Compliance Programs. Products must be reviewed and compliant before an export certificate can be issued.

If you are not sure if your operation meets necessary standards for a destination market, contact your Certification Service Specialist or email export@ccof.org.

2. Shipment Ready:

Once you know the details of your shipment you will need an export certificate or transaction certificate for each shipment of goods. These documents verify that the product to be shipped meets necessary standards for the destination market, either through equivalence or direct compliance.

3. Export Certificate Request:

Complete the appropriate certificate below using the instructions on the last page of the packet and provide a shipping address for the original certificate using the cover sheet. In most cases, the original will be needed to clear the shipment with Customs in the country of import. Exports to the EU or Switzerland are completed electronically only and do not require a cover sheet with shipping instructions. 

Send entire packet to export@ccof.org and allow 2 business days for processing.

Export Documents

Exports from the United States to:

Exports from Canada to:

  • United States: GMA Certificate with attestation statement required 
  • European Union (EU) or Switzerland: Processed through TRACES
  • Japan: Export Certificate
  • Taiwan: Transaction Certificate for Canadian Products to Taiwan (coming soon)

Exports from Mexico to:

  • United States: NOP Import Certificate
  • Canada: GMA Certificate with attestation statement required
  • European Union (EU) or Switzerland: Processed through TRACES

Any domestic or international NOP shipment not covered by an equivalency:

Additional Resources

Global Organic Trade Guide: A helpful resource covering organic export requirements around the globe.

IFOAM Global Equivalence Arrangements: An overview of equivalencies around the globe.

OTA’s Organic Export Directory: A searchable database directed at foreign buyers where you can list yourself as an international exporter of organic products.

NOP: The NOP provides a wealth of information including FAQs and flyers about how to access international markets.

See our International FAQs for more assistance.