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CCOF Food Safety Services
Food Safety by and for Organic

CCOF can help you get ready to comply with FSMA requirements and satisfy buyers' food safety requirements. Our GLOBALG.A.P. certification and assessments have multiple programs to meet your needs, all with an organic focus. Learn more about how we can meet your food safety needs »

Organic is Non-GMO & More
Organic is Non-GMO & More

Our innovative “Non-GMO & More” seal eliminates the need for additional certifications while promoting organic without any added costs. See how you can label your packaging »

osp walk-through
CCOF's OSP Walk-Through Service

Get yourself or your staff up to speed on maintaining your Organic System Plan as quickly as possible . With our walk-through service, a CCOF Certification Specialist will lead you through maintaining your Organic System Plan in our systems, helping you avoid mistakes and making you more prepared for your next inspection. Sign up today »

We're your partner in the organic movement.

Founded in California more than 40 years ago, today CCOF’s roots span the breadth of North America and our presence is internationally recognized. From field to fork, we certify organic growers, livestock producers, ingredient suppliers, handlers, packaging companies, warehousing and storage facilities, brokers, wholesalers, private labelers, retailers, and restaurants.

At CCOF, we provide certification services that are personal and accessible. It’s our priority to work closely with you through each stage of the certification process, from putting together your first Organic System Plan to staying compliant and adding products or acreage later on down the road.

Not sure where to begin? Find out more about what we offer, and learn how to get certified.

We’re committed to service, and we provide a variety of tools and resources that make organic certification management easier. Learn how to manage your certification online with MyCCOF, read our FAQs to answer your questions, search for what you need in Forms & Documents, or browse Certification Help for additional resources and information.

2% for Organic

Every CCOF operation helps us grow organic. CCOF invests 2 percent of each operation's certification fees in the CCOF Foundation. That 2 percent enables the CCOF Foundation to give grants to teachers and students studying organic, provide hardship assistance to organic operations, develop education programs for future and prospective organic professionals, and promote consumer education about organic. Learn more about the CCOF Foundation.

CCOF-certified members may download the "Non-GMO & More" seal and use in any setting already approved for the CCOF seal.

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