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CCOF has been a true leader in organic since 1973. Find everything you need to become certified organic including organic standards, forms, and support for the certification process.Get to know us better by watching our welcome video!

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MyCCOF: Manage your certification with just a few clicks!
CCOF online tools make certification simpler for you. Search and add materials to your organic system plan. Plus, access documents, manage your account, download certificates, and pay bills - all online! MyCCOF is a free service for all CCOF clients.

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Our certification support helps you along every step of process. We’ve developed a whole area devoted to assisting you with the certification process! Find helpful FAQs, sample forms, funding information, consultants, and more - a wealth of tools is at your fingertips.

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We make certification easy!

Well, relatively speaking, anyway. It’s no secret that certification can be an involved and demanding process; we believe that it should be (within reason!), given that your operation’s integrity and your customers’ satisfaction are at stake.

At CCOF, it’s our priority to work closely with you through each stage of the certification process, from putting together your first Organic System Plan to staying compliant and adding products or acreage later on down the road. So get started down the path to certification! Not sure where to begin? Learn how to get certified today.

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Read about why CCOF is the choice for certification and check out Certification Help for tools and resources we provide our clients.

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We now offer food safety!

We know you want to produce safe organic produce for your buyers and we are here to ensure you reach the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) food safety benchmarks. 

We have recognized that this is a service that most CCOF-certified member want. Let our experts help your operation meet food safety requirements

Export Verification

Will your products be sold outside of the United States? Our Export Verification program is available for those exporting product or selling raw product which may be processed into a value-added product for international export.

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