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The CCOF Central Coast Chapter was founded in February 1976 as CCOF's first chapter at a meeting in Watsonville, California. Our chapter contains a wide range of producers, handlers, retailers and others in the greater Monterey Bay Area and San Francisco Bay Area. Our members produce organic vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs, flowers, seeds, mushrooms, animal products, and so many other products. Our climates of production range from mountains and high valleys to near sea level, and encompass the ability to produce everything from citrus and avocados to Brussels sprouts, artichokes, eggs, beef, fine wine, fruits, and nuts of all kinds. We pride ourselves in our connections with consumers. As the home of the main office of CCOF and a variety of the largest and smallest organic producers in the state, we pride ourselves as a center of organic innovation, food safety, advocacy, and preservation and improvement of our environment and society. We welcome anyone interested in supporting organic agriculture in our area to participate in our activities. We look forward to increasing our visibility in the greater marketplace and other aspects.

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