Director, Center for Organic Production and Research

The Center for Organic Production and Research represents a unique partnership between Cal Poly and private industry designed to expand Cal Poly’s emphasis on applied research in organic production and soil health by providing a unique, collaborative platform for academia, industry and government from across California and beyond to join forces in advancing the organic agriculture industry.

The Director of the Center for Organic Production and Research is critical to the development and leadership of this new interdisciplinary, public-private partnership established between Cal Poly and Grimmway Farms. The new Center for Organic Production and Research will serve as a hub for students to work with experts from across the industry to develop solutions to the most pressing issues related to organic agriculture. The Director and Center will focus on (1) applied research to solve major issues in organic agricultural production, particularly regarding soil health and plant nutrition, weed management and pest management; (2) collaborative and transdisciplinary research to enhance the sustainability and competitiveness of organic agriculture in California; and (3) enriching the talent pipeline for experiential, applied internships between Cal Poly students and Grimmway Farms.

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Russ Kabaker
San Luis Obispo
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