Organic Farmer

Job Summary
Position requires a farmer who possesses a passion for educating young farmers and growing high-quality organic fruit and vegetables in an evolving regenerative production system. The ideal candidate must be able to clearly exhibit a growth mindset, a willingness for self-reflection, and an understanding of the pace and work ethic required for successful production farming. In addition, they must manage their time well, individually execute and/or provide assistance on all aspects of farm duties.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Vegetable Production: Individual execution and/or lead a crew to complete daily task list as determined by Farm Manager. Tasks include greenhouse seeding and watering, planting, irrigation, tractor work, pest and weed management, harvest, post-harvest handling, sales, and apprentice/volunteer education. 
  • Orchard Care: Support and contribute to the farm team’s execution of specific tasks in the orchard. Tasks include pruning, harvesting, irrigation, new orchard planting, and pest and disease management. 
  • Supporting farm staff on a regular basis with duties specific to Soil Born Farms. Duties include interacting and leading teams of volunteers, public engagement, setting up and working a weekly farm stand, farm tours, event support, providing hands-on lessons in the field and teaching basic classes for our urban farmers and gardeners.
Required Qualifications:
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in sustainable agricultural systems 
  • Ability to work quickly, multi-task, self-motivate, collaborate, and be flexible on a daily basis 
  • Ability to relate, interact with, and empower people of all ages from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds 
  • Interest in learning and growing as a leader, both in farming and in life
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Tractor and small engine equipment operation 
  • Experience managing interns, apprentices or staff 
  • An inclination to mechanical knowledge and skill 
  • Interest in long-term employment at Soil Born Farms 
  • Experience working with farm animals
Hours and Compensation:
  • Wages commensurate with experience 
  • 90% medical, dental and vision after 90 days 
  • 5 PTO (paid time off) accrual after 90 days 
  • Opportunities for advancement
Organizational Background:
Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture & Education Project is a non-profit educational farm in Sacramento, California. Our programs focus on promoting health and providing experiential learning opportunities for youth and adults, producing healthy food, improving access to healthy food for all and modeling land and environmental stewardship. 
Site Background:
The American River Ranch, a 55-acre historic ranch located within the American River Parkway, is the permanent home of Soil Born Farms. It provides a wonderfully diverse landscape to engage both youth and adults in hands-on activities educating and connecting them with the natural world, healthy food, healthy eating, job and life skills, hard work, and service opportunities.
Please email cover letter, resume, and two references to Shawn Harrison, Co-Director, at Position open until filled.

Contact Information

Shawn Harrison
Rancho Cordova