Springfed Organic Farm and Nursery, Solar Powered Off-Grid Homestead

Perfect for the reclusive young farmer: Small homestead-based farm in the blue oak woodland of western Tehama County, about 4 hours N of San Francisco, 2.5 from Sacramento. Comes with all the seed, tools, gypsum, irrigation and spare fittings you'll need -- even a winter's worth of firewood and a half-used truckload of OMRI-certified compost! Clearly, I didn't expect to be leaving the farm this year. But I hope my family's medical crisis can have the silver lining of giving a new farmer a place to try his or her wings. Deer-fenced 3/4- acre CCOF-certified market garden, easily supports 20-share CSA year-round; 11x20' CCOF-certified greenhouse for nursery business. Solar-powered well with two large water storage tanks and automatic shutoff (no water costs!!). Well-established farmers' market presence in Redding, CA. Solar-powered yome with wood heat in winter and satellite internet so you can get things done. Plus, bonus cabin for hardy overnighters. Access to deep, year-round pond (summers are hot - you'll need it!). Isolation garden for seed savers. Not an ideal situation for serious livestock farmers, but you can have a couple goats, keep chickens if you want. Neighbors are decent folks. Many established perennials, including raspberries, plums, and countless medicinal herbs. Wildflowers, meteors, fungi and chorus frogs. You can forage, swim, even hunt and fish. $4000/year rent, high speed internet with wi-fi, and a nice insurance package (including product liability). You also get a landlady/previous farmer who will do all she can to help you succeed. (I only live about 60 miles away.) This land supported me for 12 years and was the best education I ever got. Family events force me to move on -- for now. I know there is someone out there who will relish the isolation, the hard work, and the biodiversity of this remote valley as much as I have. The cure for loneliness is solitude.

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Wolfy Rougle