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Posted: November 21, 2018 | Location: San Benito County, California

Our 34-acre farm sits in the outskirts of the Hollister Valley. It is flat, and very desirable for row cropping which has been the case for the last 18 years. The soil has been properly maintained with crop rotation and supplemental crops during winter or off-season crops. Historically, heirloom varietals have thrived on our organic farm, and the climate strongly supports tomato, pepper, melon, root crops, and many other varietals. Farm also is scattered with mature elderberry bushes (planted from the birds) which provide a healthy yearly crop of the berries, and the flowers (great for market), as well, our farm has a large crop of rosemary planted in rows, very mature and ready to harvest (for market). Property is fenced with a secure, separate entrance from main dwellings. The property also has a ‘packing’ shed, available for use in storage of grains, seeds, or packing.Progressive lease – first year starting at $20,000, second year $28,000, third year $32,000. Will lock in for 5 years at the third year rate.

Posted: October 25, 2018 | Location: Williams, Oregon

Our old bodies have told us to 'cut way back', so we have a 4.5-acre irrigated field, 2-bedroom house, shared barn and greenhouses, equipment, and the farmers' 21-year knowledge of this land that we are looking to long term lease. 2-4 responsible people with farming experience and willing to work hard, would make this a profitable operation. Everything except a truck is here ready to go to work growing your future. Certified organic since 1998. No guns or cannabis. Dogs negotiable. references required.