Organic Certification Cost Share

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If you need all Cost Share documents, choose the PDF titled "Organic Certification Cost Share Packet". This packet includes:

  • CCOF Cover Letter- Why you should apply for Cost Share and how to complete the application
  • CCOF Request for Verification of Costs- complete and send to CCOF to receive a statement of all certification fees paid for the application year
  • Letter from CDFA regarding the Cost Share program
  • Instructions from CDFA on filling out the application
  • CDFA Sample Cost Share Application
  • CDFA Cost Share Application
  • Payee Data Record
  • SOP Sample Cost Share Application
  • SOP Cost Share Application
  • Payee Data Record

If all you need is a statement of certification costs paid for the application year, choose the PDF titled "CCOF Request for Verification of Costs". Fill out the form and send to CCOF for processing.

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