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Document Name & Description Operation Types Document Type
R1.0 Activities Checklist for Retailers/Restaurants

This helpful checklist directs you to only the forms applicable to your retail/restaurant activities.

Retail or Restaurant Organic System Plan
R2.0 Retail Departments

Describe your retail department activities, products, labeling, signage, and suppliers.

Retail or Restaurant Organic System Plan
R2.3 Organic Retail/Restaurant Facility

Describe your retail/restaurant facility locations, organizational structure, and training program.

Retail or Restaurant Organic System Plan
R3.0 Restaurant/Prepared Foods

Describe your restaurant or retail prepared foods department activities, products, menu, signage, and suppliers.

Retail or Restaurant Organic System Plan
R4.0 Retail/Restaurant Organic Practices

Describe your receiving, storage, preparation, display, cleaning, sanitation, and facility pest management practices.

Retail or Restaurant Organic System Plan
R5.0 Record Keeping for Retail/Restaurant

Describe your system and records used to track organic products.

Retail or Restaurant Organic System Plan
Retail Labeling Guide

Guide for developing retail labels.

Grower, Livestock producer, Processor or Handler, Retail or Restaurant, Processor located in Canada, Trader or Broker or Private label owner, I am not an organic operation Helpful documents or flyer