Certification Help & Information

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Certification Help and Support

Organic certification can be complex but it doesn’t have to be confusing. CCOF provides information and resources that help you through the process.

To become certified, you must complete an application called an Organic System Plan (OSP) that describes your operation and explains how it works. The application process also requires you to include some additional information, such as proof that your land is eligible for certification or that an ingredient in your product meets organic requirements. Our certification help and support resources are designed to help you determine what applies to you and assist you in providing complete and detailed information.

Need Help Navigating the Application?

If you are just getting started, CCOF has a specialized applicant support team to answer questions on the process, timeline, and cost of certification. If you are wondering which forms you need to complete, what the stages of the application process are, or would like to better understand the requirements you need to meet, we can help. Please contact us today at getcertified@ccof.org or call us at (831)-423-2263), extension 1. Our applicant support team is bilingual in English and Spanish and well-versed in all of CCOF’s services. Our assistance is free of charge. Contact us today with any questions!

Looking for Online Tools?

MyCCOF has you covered. With a free MyCCOF account, you can search and add materials to your Organic System Plan (OSP), track your CCOF-certified suppliers, manage your certification documents, and track the inspection and certification process. Learn more about MyCCOF »

CCOF’s OSP Walk-Through Service

Get yourself or your staff up to speed on maintaining your OSP as quickly as possible with CCOF’s new OSP Walk-Through Service. CCOF clients can access this walk-through,  led by a CCOF Certification Specialist and customized for your specific operation. By the end of the training, your staff will understand your operation’s OSP and how to update it, how to track and respond to CCOF compliance requests, where to find inspection information, and how to best prepare for an inspection. Learn more and register for a walk-through today!