New Certificates Soon After ALL Inspections

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Date Published
Junio 26, 2014

Did you know that all certified CCOF operations remain certified until their certification is formally withdrawn, suspended, or revoked? Did you know that you can have a new copy of your certificate — effectively a federal license — at any time? It’s true. You are certified and you can have a new certificate at any time. During the recent membership survey it came to our attention that waiting for new certificates is a challenge and creates unnecessary stress for some operations.

As a result, CCOF is working to meet client needs by modifying some systems and giving you certificates when you need them.

We will reduce friction in the certification process by issuing fresh copies of certificates to operations awaiting inspection review. This will provide the certificate you require while reducing pressure on the review and compliance process. Whenever an otherwise standard review is going to extend beyond 45 days from the date of inspection, CCOF is going to work to send you a new copy of your certificate automatically. You will receive a review letter later with any compliance matters to address, but you will not be waiting for your certificate.

If you ever need a fresh or current copy of your certificate, you can access it in MyCCOF. If you require a new version with a recent “issue date,” feel free to email with your operation name and code, or contact your Certification Service Specialist.