Should I notify CCOF if my business ownership or name has changed?

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Should I notify CCOF if my business ownership or name has changed?

Yes, you must notify CCOF of changes to your business ownership, business name, Tax ID, or business structure. Submit the Business Change Application. The Business Change Application will be your new application for certification and contract with CCOF. Review NOP Instruction 2603 for more information. 

When should I submit the Business Change Application?

Submit the Business Change Application when you are certain of the changes that will occur and are ready to receive an updated certificate with the new business name.

What is the turn-around time for the review?

The Business Change Application is generally reviewed within 2 weeks. Submit a Rush Review Request for a faster review.

Will my Business Change Application require an inspection?

Changes that require an inspection include new parcels, new facilities or equipment, new organic practices, or new management overseeing the Organic System Plan. An inspection will be required when necessary to determine that the new business is in compliance.

Changes that may not require an inspection include a simple name change, adding a DBA, or acquiring another CCOF certified operation where parcels, facilities, equipment, and practices remain the same.

If an inspection is required, allow 2-3 months. Enroll in the Expedited Certification Program for a faster review.

Is there a fee for submitting a Business Change Application?

The current fee is listed on the Business Change Application and may be waived in instances of simple administrative updates.

When will I get my new certificate?

A new certificate will be issued following your application review, inspection (if required), and final CCOF approval. Do not use new labels, produce new products, add livestock, etc. prior to approval from CCOF or granting of certification.  


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