Fruit Tree Grafting for the Home Gardener and Small Scale Grower

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Learn to graft fruit trees and go home with one! Join Sharon Zo for this hands-on workshop at the UCSC Hay Barn. Sharon will cover the basics of rootstocks and scion selection, the importance of a sharp, quality grafting knife, and timing for the best luck with your graft. She’ll demonstrate how to cleft graft and if there's time, a whip & tongue graft. Students will then cleft graft an apple tree to take home on rootstock with a selection of scions from the Chadwick Garden to choose from.

Materials provided

  • A planted rootstock
  • A selection of fruit wood scions
  • Grafting tape
  • Grafting knives, newly sharpened will be available for use, bring your own only if you already have one. We will discuss what makes a suitable grafting knife, and how a good one can be a game changer in terms of grafting success. We'll demonstrate the proper knife sharpening and maintenance procedures. We recommend you do NOT buy a grafting knife for this class until after the class; many of the grafting knives” sold online are actually not suitable for grafting at all. Therefore, we provide attendees with loaner knives already sharpened and will discuss which high-quality ones to buy.
    *Please let us know if you are left-handed when you register.

About the instructor

Sharon Zo started to study organic farming after her early retirement from health care. She is experienced in the art of grafting. She has spent many hours working with Center for Agroecology staff on fruit tree care. She has taught grafting classes for apprentices and the California Rare Fruit Growers. She enjoys sharing her love of rare or heirloom fruit varieties, and propagating by grafting to preserve the genetic diversity of these horticultural treasures.

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    Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)

    Hay Barn
    1008 Ranch View Road
    Santa Cruz, CA 95064
    United States