February 2018

Beginning Farmer/Rancher Program, California: Harness the Power of Holistic Management

Course | 2/2/2018
Our Beginning Farmer Program in California is open to new and seasoned farmers/ranchers/land managers who want to learn how to holistically manage...

2018 CCOF Annual Meeting and Conference: Organic Hotspots

Celebration, Conference, Meeting | 2/22/2018
  Organic Hotspots: Revitalizing Rural America Join us in Sacramento on February 22-23, 2018 to explore the factors that have made California a...

CCOF Foundation Awards Feast

Celebration | 2/22/2018
In celebration of our collective work to advance organic agriculture, CCOF will host our second annual CCOF Foundation Awards Feast on February 22,...

Home Grown Fruit: Weekend Boot Camp for the Home Orchadist

Workshop | 2/24/2018
Whether you're growing (or planning to grow) one tree or a small orchard, this weekend intensive workshop will equip the home fruit grower or small-...

Planning for Succession

Workshop | 2/26/2018
Join California FarmLink and partners for a Monday morning workshop featuring presentations and a panel of perspectives on succession that will...