Bioneers Conference 2016

Conference | 10/21/2016
A friend once said, “It’s great to be ahead of your time – like, two weeks ahead of your time.” Well, the world is experiencing a global awakening...

Draft Horse Farming and Driving Workshops

Workshop | 10/22/2016
Ever want to harness the power and spirit of the horse for farming and driving? Walt Bernard and Workhorse Workshops are offering comprehensive,...

CCOF San Luis Obispo Chapter Meeting

Chapter Event, Meeting | 10/23/2016
Join the CCOF San Luis Obispo Chapter for a meeting in Atascadero, California!

Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance 2016 Conference and Trade Show

Conference, Trade Show | 10/26/2016
The Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance conference & trade show furthers our purpose by providing information on subjects that address...

The Last Crop Documentary

Lecture | 10/27/2016
The Last Crop is an intimate exploration into the lives of small family farmers Jeff and Annie Main of California’s Central Valley. The film follows...

Cultivating Organic Garlic

Workshop | 10/29/2016
Led by Sandhill Farms garlic grower Pete Rasmussen, this workshop will include in-depth discussions of all aspects of growing great garlic, from soil...

AgCatalyst 2016

Conference | 11/1/2016
AgCatalyst 2016: Finding the best possible path to our customers’ hearts, minds, smartphones and back Connecting and engaging with farmers in today’...

San Diego County Farm and Nursery Show

Trade Show | 11/3/2016
A trade show developed to support Southern California agriculture. Attendees have the opportunity to hear from top researchers and authorities at our...

CCOF Kern Chapter Meeting

Chapter Event | 11/3/2016
A chapter election will be held. *Reminder – If you want to nominate an individual for any certain position, you may do so by email or wait till the...

CCOF North Coast Chapter Meeting

Chapter Event | 11/3/2016
Join us for a presentation by Moriah Scholach of Oregon’s Evergreen Growers Supply about biological controls. And of course there will be wine...

The Livestock Conservancy's National Conference

Conference | 11/3/2016
We’ll be talking about cooperative strategies for breeding, marketing, and animal management that can aid farmers and bring products and services to...

CCOF at the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association's Sustainable Agriculture Conference

Trade Show | 11/4/2016
CCOF will be at the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association's Sustainable Agriculture Conference in Durham, NC from November 4 through 6, 2016. Come...

CCOF Central Coast Chapter Meeting

Chapter Event | 11/7/2016
This is the chapter's annual fall meeting. Speakers to be announced. Dinner will be provided. Please RSVP to

Exporting Best Practices

Workshop | 11/8/2016
Curious about the advantages and risks associated with exporting? Need more information to take your next step in the international marketplace? Is...

Importing Into the U.S.

Workshop | 11/8/2016
Are you familiar with the legal aspects of importing into the U.S.? Do you know when and how to use a customhouse broker? Is U.S. Customs causing...

Blossoms & Herbs: A "Growing" Market in North Coast Region

Seminar | 11/8/2016
FARMING 101 will host a panel on Growing Flowers and Herbs (medicinal and culinary): creating niche markets in the north coast region. Participants...

Cultivating Change: Connecting Race, Soil, and Healing

Conference | 11/12/2016
BOB = Big ‘Ole Barn, and a series of short and sweet talks like TED talks, with an emphasis on food and farming hosted at Pie Ranch. This will be...

Organic & Non-GMO Forum

Conference, Meeting | 11/14/2016
The second annual Organic & Non-GMO Forum, which will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, Minn., November 14-15, 2016, is the only...

2016 Latino Farmers Conference

Conference | 11/15/2016
The Lation Farmer Conference is a project of The National Center for Appropriate Technology, a nonprofit organization based in Butte, Montana. The...

Introduction to Organic Exports and Imports Webinar

Webinar | 11/17/2016
Join the CCOF foundation on November 17 for an introductory webinar on importing and exporting organic products. Curious about the organic import...