Does CCOF offer Transitional Certification?

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Yes, the CCOF Certified Transitional program is for growers who are transitioning their crops and/or land from non-organic to organic. An operation or parcel must be inspected and demonstrate compliance with all certified organic production requirements, except the three-year transition time, to become CCOF Certified Transitional. Farm operations must have completed one year of transition from use of prohibited materials. When an operation is in the CCOF Certified Transitional program, that farm or crop is pending organic certification until full requirements are met.

Handlers who process organic products and would like to process transitional products may label those products as transitional. All requirements of organic certification apply to the processing and handling of transitional products, including recordkeeping, prevention of contamination and commingling, and restrictions on nonorganic ingredients and processing aids. Learn more about how transitional products can be labeled.

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