How do I add a new product to my organic certificate?

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Use the Handler OSP Update Guide to ensure you submit all forms. To add a new product that you manufacture to your Organic System Plan (OSP) and organic certificate, send the following to

If you are a broker, trader, wholesaler, distributor or importer who does not process, repack, or relabel, to add a new product or supplier to your OSP and organic certificate, send the following to

  • H2.6 Broker Suppliers – Be sure to highlight all new suppliers or products to ensure faster review
  • Organic certificates for any new suppliers

We will work to review your update within one week. If you require a faster response, please let us know as we may be able to accommodate your timeline. We also offer guaranteed two day and five day Rush Review for time sensitive situations. If you are interested in a Rush Review, please complete the form and submit it to CCOF. Fees for adding the product will be assessed per CCOF’s Certification Services Program Manual.

If the product is made using equipment and facilities that are part of your OSP and included in your last inspection, no additional inspection is required. If the product is made using new equipment or facilities, additional OSP updates and an inspection will be required.

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