What are my options for food safety certification? Is there only one standard for farms?

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GLOBALG.A.P. has different programs to meet the needs of different buyers. Be sure to talk to your buyers to determine which program level you need! Food Safety Certifications and Assessments:

  • IFA: Integrated Farm Assurance – GFSI benchmarked certification. Top-level program. Important for exports. Includes food safety, traceability, environmental welfare, and worker welfare.
  • PSS: Produce Safety Standard – GFSI benchmarked certification, but includes ONLY food safety standards. Subset of IFA above. Great for producers selling to larger regional and national retailers.
  • localg.a.p. North America – Assessment only; not a certification and not GFSI benchmarked. Simplified standard with basic/foundation and intermediate levels. A stepping stone to full IFA or PSS certification. Provides producers with an audit report for buyers to review and aides in developing a solid food safety plan.
  • COMING SOON! HPSS: Harmonized Produce Safety Standard – GFSI benchmarking in process. Incorporates United Fresh’s Harmonized Standards and will replace the PSS above.

For more information about eligibility, program benefits, and requirements, review the CCOF GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Program Manual

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