How long does it take for CCOF to update my Organic System Plan (OSP)?

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Once updates have been submitted it take an average of 7 days for CCOF to review the following highly time sensitive items:

  • New crop input materials (i.e. pest control, fertilizer, soil amendment, etc.)
  • Updated labels for existing products
  • Adding additional acreages (subsequent inspection required)

Once updates have been submitted it take an average of 21 days for CCOF to review and respond to the following:

  • Adding an additional facility or equipment (subsequent inspection required)
  • New products with or without labels
  • General OSP updates
  • Response to a request for information from CCOF 

Please remember if you require a fast review, you may consider our Rush Review or Expedited Programs. The Expedited Program is for adding acreage or facilities/equipment – anything that requires an inspection. Use the Rush Review Program for all other updates.

You can easily track the status of OSP updates using MyCCOF; visit to learn more. You can also contact us ( or 831-423-2263) with any questions. All forms are located at