Your MyCCOF account allows you to view invoice descriptions and outstanding balances for your operation!

From within MyCCOF, navigate to the ‘Invoices’ tab for your operation and view past and present balances.

Once in the ‘Invoices’ tab you can view your Account Status, Description of an Invoice as well as any outstanding balances.*

*Note: hard copies of... Read more

Yes, you are required by USDA organic requirements to report all materials you use, including fertilizers, pest control materials, processing aids, livestock health care materials, and other materials. We have made it easy for you to view the materials we have approved for your operation by listing them on your Organic System Plan (OSP) Materials List.   You can view and print your OSP Materials... Read more

In MyCCOF, you can view your operation contact information. Within MyCCOF, to view contact information for your operation, navigate to the desired Company Record from the ‘Company Data List.’  

  The ‘Company Data List’ will show all Operations that you are currently a contact for. From here you can choose which company record will automatically open when you sign into your MyCCOF account... Read more

In MyCCOF, you can access your Inspection Report. From within MyCCOF, click on the ‘Inspection Status’ tab. This will show all current and past inspections for your operation.


To get a copy of your Inspection report, click on the inspection you wish to view in the grid to highlight it.


Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the ‘Documents’ tab... Read more

In MyCCOF, you can see all letters from the CCOF office. From within MyCCOF, navigate to the ‘Files’ tab to get a copy of your letters from CCOF.

Here you can view outgoing correspondence from CCOF regarding your Operation. The “Date” column will match the date on a specific letter. The “Subject” column will tell you the type of correspondence.

To access a copy of a... Read more

In MyCCOF, you can access information for your upcoming inspection. From within MyCCOF, navigate to the “Inspection Status” tab to locate information on inspections.

Here you can view all past and present inspections for the operation as well as the Season, Inspection Type, and Inspector.

To locate Inspector Contact information click on the icon next to the Inspector... Read more

In MyCCOF, you can instantly download copies of your certification certificates. From within MyCCOF, click on the ‘Certificates’ tab to locate copies of your Certificates.

Here you will be able to view, download, and print copies of your Certificates and Client Profiles.    The ‘Description’ column will tell you the Certificate type. The ‘Year’ column will tell you which year the... Read more

There are 2 ways to login to MyCCOF to access your certification information.

1) Visit the CCOF homepage and click on the ‘My Account’ tab at the top. From here you can log in to MyCCOF.

2) Navigate to the MyCCOF website http://www.myccof.org... Read more

In MyCCOF, you can update your operation contacts and their contact information. From within MyCCOF, to update information regarding your operation including contacts, click the ‘Client Update’ button in the ‘Contacts’ tab. 

After clicking a CCOF Client Update PDF will be available for you to save to your computer.    Here you can update information including adding a contact,... Read more

If you forget your Username or Password for MyCCOF, navigate to the MyCCOF login page by clicking on ‘My Account’ at the top of the CCOF website and click the ‘Forgot your password?’ link in the MyCCOF login area. 

  From this screen, enter your Email. If the entered data matches with an existing account, you will get an email with your username and password. For additional help email... Read more

In MyCCOF, you can view your authorized contacts for your operation. From within MyCCOF, view authorized contacts for your operation by navigating to the ‘Contacts’ tab.

Under the title ‘Has these Certification Contacts’ you can view the listed contacts for your operation as well as their individual information (phone, fax, email).

Contacts designated with a red shirt in the ‘... Read more