FAQs by slaughter

It depends. A dairy animal that has been under continuous organic management since the last third of gestation may be sold as organic slaughter stock only if it has never been treated with antibiotics or ivermectin, all of which must be clearly documented. Please note that if you intend to sell animals as slaughter stock, you should indicate this in your Organic System Plan and have slaughter... Read more

To market your final product as organic, all slaughter and processing facilities must be certified organic. Contact facilities directly to determine if they have an organic certificate. In cases where a facility does not have an organic certificate, you may not use the facility unless it is inspected by CCOF on behalf of your operation. To be inspected by CCOF, the facility and its practices... Read more

CCOF does not maintain a complete list of certified organic slaughter facilities. It is best to contact facilities directly to determine if they have a valid organic certificate. You can search for CCOF certified facilities by using CCOF’s online directory. Keep in mind that facilities certified by other organic certification agencies are not included in these results... Read more

On-farm slaughter activities can be included as part of your Organic System Plan. CCOF will review your slaughter practices, including animal handling practices, and inspect this portion of your operation annually. In some cases, your operation may be required to comply with additional USDA requirements for slaughter operations. You will need to contact the USDA for more information. If you... Read more