What is an export certificate? How do I request one?

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Every shipment of certified organic product to the EU, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Switzerland must be accompanied by an export certificate issued by CCOF. These certificates contain transaction-specific details, such as the lot number(s), net weight, and the unique serial number given to each export certificate. Your consignee (importer or freight consolidator) will require an original export certificate so your product can clear customs. Copies of the signed export certificate are not sufficient for the customs authorities.

The export documents required to accompany shipments to Japan and Taiwan are called TM-11s. You can request an export certificate or a TM-11 by submitting the proper export request forms to CCOF, along with the Export and Transaction Certificate Request Cover Sheet. On the Export and Transaction Certificate Request Cover Sheet you will find detailed information for how to correctly fill out the different export request forms. In order to export to the EU, Japan, Korea, and Switzerland, you must be enrolled in the appropriate Global Market Access (GMA) Program or our International Standard Program. Please note that for export to Taiwan, you are only required to be NOP certified.

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