Our Supporters

There are many organizations and individuals whose contributions help CCOF advance organic agriculture for a healthy world.

Thank you to the following organic champions for making our work possible! These lists are updated on a quarterly basis.

CCOF Foundation Members

CCOF Foundation Members are individuals and organizations who make annual contributions that help the CCOF Foundation deliver its grant funds, technical assistance, and consumer education initiatives. Foundation Members are an important part of the CCOF community, and we are grateful for their continued involvement with organic and CCOF.









Harbourton Foundation

Sunview Vineyards


Brian Andersen

Jack Balistreri

Susan F. Barquist

Harriet Behar

RuthHaven Bourque

Thomas Breen

Jesse Buie

Ted Burke

Cathy Calfo

Henry Canclini

Janet Caprile

Lois Christie

Virginia Clarke

Dennis Conkey

Edward Conwell

Steve Crider

Robert Dautch

Linda Riggle Davis

Manuel DuBon

Michelle Eaton

John Estevo

Laura Fairchild

Galen Fillmore

Delmar Friedrichsen

Luis Garcia Arroyo

Marc Garibaldi

Drew & Myra Goodman

Ritu Goswamy

Gaylene Graham

Andy Y. Gu

Roger Guerrero

Jeff & Kate Haas

Chris Hall

Katherine Halliwell

Allen Harthorn

Bud & Maurie Hoekstra

Tyrone Hogan

Sarah James

Bhakta Jayadev

Damien Johnson

Garth Kahl

Kim Kaput

Joseph Lawrence

Ann Lennartz

Pamela Letourneau

Todd Loomis

Neal MacDougall

Glenn Majeski

Laura Neese Malik

Donna Jean McCullough

Eric Meili

Kim Meier

Kumen Meservy

Ernesto Montenero

Lisa Moore

Tiffaney Mozzetti

Wendell Naraghi

Lisa Bunin & Jay Nitikman

Emily Oakley

Jeri Green Oneto

Keith Proctor

Karrie Reeves

A-Dae Romero-Briones

Roy Reeves

Fritz Ruegger

Ann Russ

Brad Samuelson

Ken Sarachan

Mark Schack

Lauren Schiermeyer

Daniel Seitz

Cynthia Slade

Zea Sonnabend

Jane Sooby

Eleanor L. Starr

Shawn Stone

Teresa Tarantino

Christine Weir

Nathan Welch

David Wozniak

Leo Younger

Program Partners

Find our programmatic funding partners by program: Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund, Organic Training Institute, and Bricmont Hardship Assistance Fund.

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