Inspector Profile: Judy Brown

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Date Published: 
June 23, 2014

“This is where I like to be — out in the fields, down in Mexico, learning a lot —in this picture, it's about tequila.”

Judy Brown began studying Spanish and traveling to Mexico when she was 14. She’s still doing both, many years later.

Judy majored in Horticulture at Cal Poly, grew flowers commercially on her own ranch for many years, raised three sons, and then became a bilingual teacher. After 15 years, she retired and returned to her first love — organic agriculture. Her other lifelong passion, traveling, combines well with this great job.

Judy lives in Valley Center in northern San Diego County on an organic avocado and lime ranch. In the fire of 2003, her four acres of cut flowers, tree nursery and greenhouse, and five acres of avocados all burned up. Luckily, the houses on her land were saved, and for that, she counts her blessings.

“My favorite thing about this job? Easy — the wonderful people I meet, including the friendly, kind, helpful folks at CCOF. I salute you!”